Types of Logos

Types of Famous logos


Initial-based logos are used to provide an easy-to-remember mnemonic device to help consumers with brand identification. The P and S used by Playstation is an easily-recognizable example.

Type-Based or Wordmark

Whole words can provide the public with contextual information about your business’s identity or products. Google has used this kind of design with great success.


Badges can convey subtle cultural concepts to your consumers with complex imagery. Ferrari channels national pride and unbridled enthusiasm by combining a wild stallion with Italian colors.


Icons channel business and consumer processes by expressing concepts in motion. Adidas offers a look into their brand’s theme with a mountain of progressive steps, which channels ideals of success through perseverance.


Symbols make use of traditional concepts, often with mythological or religious meaning. Starbucks makes great use of this concept with their siren suggesting an irresistible urge for their products.


Mascots channel concepts that would otherwise be impossible to communicate including ideals like fidelity, strength, and honesty. Wendy’s makes their mascot a central theme in their graphics.

Illustrative, Graphic, or Combination

This sort of design combines many different expressive features to communicate concepts effectively to the consumer. KFC employs this tactic in their artwork, which combines elements from many other varieties .

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